L una Rosa is our best and the most rewarded wine we have ever created. It stands out from the crowd and it makes other wines, let’s just say ordinary. The taste is strong enough to impress all drinkers and to leave a steady mark in their memory.

Main ingredients

High quality grape

We make the grape that is used for the wine.

No additives

The wine is made in a traditional way.

No artificial chemicals

Each and every bottle of wine comes without any chemicals.

The wine is made to meet the latest requirements, it is aged perfectly and now it is available in massive amounts. Suitable for individuals and commercial applications.

Our wines are made
with love, from passion

L una Rosa is another wine that shares our idea. A delicious and strong wine needs to be paired with passion and also with love in order to meet the expectations of us many.

It all starts in our vineyard that has been with us since the beginning. We founded the vineyard in 1981 and the first fruits of labor were present in 1989. This is the same time when we made our first wine.

Each wine is developed and produced to pronounce the characteristics we believe important are. For example, we want our wines to stay strong, to be suitable for countless occasions and to make the best possible effect on any person.

To make the wines in this way we had to use old and well-known technology. We have been using it ever since and we won’t change it. The goal here is to produce the wine using the same techniques as our ancestors did and to get the same effects and the same results. It may look obsolete these days but our wines are so much better than the ones you can see as commercial products. If you won’t trust us, take a look and check why we are the best.

The same advantages and the same perk refer to white and red wines in our lineup. They are both made from the topnotch ingredients and they both share the same advantages we believe important are. Considering we have a massive increase in popularity each year, we believe we are doing this right.