How it’s made

Perfect bottle of wine
every single time

I t all starts with the best natural grape you can find in the United States. We handpick all the grapes and store them in the same way as our ancestors did. What this means is that there are no damages to the grape which may have a negative effect on the taste of the wine.

Once ready the grape is smashed in special barrels with hard press and left there for a specific period of time. After that we will filter the liquid, make any adjustments and store the wine in massive barrels.

E ach wine is special and each one gets a special barrel. Each wine must age perfectly and in a different way hence we offer different wines at different locations and in different barrels.

Our wine must stay in that very spot for years in order to receive the age that will definite it. Once ready, the wine will be poured from the barrels and filled into the bottles. You then can try our wine and stray impressed.