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Best wines
from us,
for you

Red dragon

Our most popular wine with the well-known taste and aroma.

Luna Rosa

Red wine with superb quality, suitable for any occasion.

White King

White wine. Elegant, stylish and present in high-end establishments all around the globe.

Roma Pink

The first wine we have ever made and the one that makes a difference.

We make
passionate wines

All our wines are excellent in every way possible. They are delicious, they smell great and they are paired with superb scent we all love.

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Start Vaping…No More Butts! With Vape Juice


Vape Juice continues to grow around the world at a steady rate as many traditional smokers choose to ditch their tobacco habits for a healthier alternative.


In fact, in a recent article published by a leading media house it was noted that “…For every million smokers who switch to Vape Juice, more than 6,000 lives a year could be saved.” Quoting from a University College London study.


It isn’t just traditional smokers who are realizing the benefits of vaping, but a significant number of non-smokers are also finding the devices and the thousands of different Vape Juice flavors available to be a fulfilling activity to indulge in. It was estimated from their findings that approximately 1% of the English population are non-smokers who have taken on the trend of vaping having not smoked real cigarettes before.


The benefits of the trending Vape Juice craze are obvious, and the speed at which people are aligning themselves to the movement speaks for itself. Why would you carry on smoking conventional tobacco with its concentrated toxins and harmful irritating second-hand smoke when Vape Juice deliver all the nuances and feel of a cigarette but with less than a twentieth of the carcinogens?


Now, that being said not all Vape Juice are created equal. You still have to be cautious what brand of e-liquid you choose to inhale through, and some brands should simply just be avoided! So, how do you know what’s good and what’s not when it comes to purchasing your weekly stash of favorite e-liquid blends? Well, sadly you don’t. Consumers are resigned to trusting what is written on the label in the hope that the company has enough integrity to stand by their claims.


You may be interested to check out vape juice from this website which has always insisted on third-party laboratory toxicology testing with all of their range and only uses raw ingredients from suppliers who can produce the same. In fact, we know that not everyone wants to enjoy combustion-free nicotine but also nicotine-free ejuice that are rich with organic flavor and still have the feel of a thick, lush satisfying smoke.


The team at Eliquid Depot are a group of dedicated, innovative specialists drawn together by their interest in health and wellbeing. Their team includes business professionals, doctors, psychologists, scientists, naturopaths and herbalists.  While they have specialty in different products, they have one mission: to offer a cutting edge, high quality, organic product that can facilitate people to free themselves from nicotine slavery and the detrimental consequences associated with smoking cigarettes.

It has taken the company Eliquid Depot years of extensive research, development, testing and refinement, to bring the unique blends of organic vapor liquids to the marketplace. Consumer have given great review for their product and company are delighted with the response and are loving the feedback from you as well!

The same article also mentioned that “…if nine million smokers used ejuice that would mean saving of 54,000 lives; currently the figure is 60,000 premature death because of this. It is good to know that science is starting to change public opinion by letting the public in on the real statistics and we’re also glad to be part of the momentum to change the world for the better.

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